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spindle type cotton picker

This is the latest cotton harvester made by FMWORLD Agricultural Machinery, 6 rows with adjustable row space could fit demands of most cotton farmers in the world. Powerful Engine and excellent after-sales services which has been proved by Xinjiang market these years!
  • 4MZD - 6




1、550HP high-pressure common rail engine, with large power reserve and strong power, can switch between four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive at will, adapting to various complex terrains
2、It adopts original imported gearbox with stable performance. With power shift function, you can shift gears at will during driving without stopping.
3、The imported Corolla rear axle is adopted, the power output is more reliable, the bearing capacity is strong, and the steering angle is large
4、Integral chassis frame, the main body adopts large cross-section and high-strength profiles, with large bearing capacity
5、Equipped with 6 independent picking heads, using the front 16 rows and the rear 12 rows of seat tube structure, each seat tube is equipped with 20 adjustable ingot picking, high net picking rate
6、The independent research and development of the movable feeding platform is adopted, and the film feeding angle is optimized during packaging, which improves the success rate of the film, improves work efficiency, and reduces consumables.


Structure typeSelf-propelled
Brake typeWet multi-disc brake
Supporting power model specificationsQSZ13-C550-30
Supporting power typeVertical, in-line, water-cooled, four-stroke
Supporting power rated power (kW)410
Supporting power rated speed (r/min)1900
Name of supporting power production enterpriseDongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.
Fuel consumption per unit area (kg/hm2)55
Pure working hour productivity (h㎡)2
Overall dimensions in working condition (L×W×H) (mm)10378×5318×5275
Dimensions in transportation state (L×W×H) (mm)12488×5318×4478
Overall weight (kg)31800
Number of rows of cotton harvester (rows)6
Cotton picking head structure typeHorizontal drum
Number of cotton picking drums (pcs)2 for each cotton picking head
Rotating speed of cotton picking drum (r/min)0-152(front)/0-175(rear)
Picking spindle speed (r/min)0-4652(front)/0-4732(rear)
Number of spindle pick-up tubes on each drum (pcs)16(front roller)/12(rear roller)
The number of picking spindles on each picking seat tube (pcs)20
The number of spindles picked on each cotton picking head (pcs)560


Outer diameter of doffer tray (mm)158
Rotating speed of doffer (r/min)0-1960(front)/0-2016(rear)
Number of doffer trays (pcs)40 for each cotton picking head
Picking speed Ⅰ gear (km/h)0-7.5
Picking speed Ⅱ gear (km/h)0-9
Fan model nameCentrifugal fan
Wind typeHigh-efficiency aluminum rotor and housing
Fan speed (r/min)4330
Adapt to picking row spacing (mm)762
Minimum boll height for picking (mm)180
Cotton box compaction auger length (mm)3170
Outer diameter of cotton box compaction auger (mm)350
Number of cotton box compaction augers (pcs)1
Maximum volume of cotton storage basket (㎡)9.2
Unloading methodHorizontal scrolling
Front wheel specifications520/85R42
Rear wheel specifications620/75R34
Front wheel track (mm)2288 (front inner wheel)/3808 (front outer wheel)
Rear wheel track (mm)2285
Wheelbase (mm)4318

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