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FMWORLD Ruilong Plus - Cabin

FMWORLD Ruilong Combine Harvester 4LZ-6.0P(WD110PRO).Combine harvester 4LZ-6.0P is functional grain combine harvester, which not only harvests rice, but also harvests wheat, soybeans, corn, etc.Combine harvester 4LZ-6.0P is equipped with Turbocharged diesel engine Yuchai 4DK(110HP) , enlarged Hydraulic Steering Gearbox and 45cc HST, with advantages of strong power and easy operation, which ensures smooth work in the fields.
Minimum ground clearance 36cm and widening rubber track tracks by 550 * 90 * 56 greatly improve the passing ability of the machine in paddy fields.The standard cutting width is 2.36 meters, and the normal operating efficiency is 0.4-0.8 hectares per hour.The loss rate, crushing rate, and impurity content of harvested grains are both extremely low.


  • Ruilong Plus 4LZ-6.0P (Cabin)




Ruilong Plus - Cabin


Model Ruilong Plus -4LZ6.0P (WD110PRO)
Type Self-propelled Whole-feeding
Dimension             (Operation) Length(mm) 5150
Width(mm) 2620
Height(mm) 3030
Weight(kg) 3800
Engine Power(HP) 110
RPM(r/min) 2600
Fuel Capacity(L) 160
Gearbox Hydraulic Gearbox Box ZKB85
HST 45cc
Chassis Track(mm) 550*90*56
Track Center(mm) 1350
Ground Clearance(mm) 360
Harvesting Cutting Width(mm) 2360
Feeding Capacity (kg/s) 6.0
Cutting Bar Lift Hydraulic Control
Threshing Type Axial Flow Type with Beat Bars
Threshing Cylinder (mm) 620*2010
Filtrate Type Vibrating Sieves+ Centrifugal Fan
Discharging Grain Tank Capacity(m³) 1.77
Grain Discharge Type All Direction Discharging Pipe
Work efficiency(ha./h) 0.4-0.8
Crops Rice, Wheat, Rape,Soybean,Corn

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