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FMWORLD Agricultural Machinery

FMWORLD Agricultural Machinery is a leading farming machine manufacturer of China which has 25 years experience of designing and producing and 15 years experience of exporting and servicing clients overseas.

There are more than 10000 full-time employees including 300 senior engineers working for our company which guarantee high productivity and decent products quality. We have a couple of plants basing in different areas of China and Thailand to undertake tasks manufacturing different models agricultural machines.

FMWORLD Agricultural Machinery has an excellent supply chain management due to its mother group - the world group, one of the top 500 enterprises of China, has tremendous capital and 21 subsidiaries in manufacturing sections. It allows us to produce 80% spare parts of our machines by ourselves.

As one of the biggest agricultural machinery manufacturers, FM World has a wide product range including harvesting machines, 
agricultural tractors, rice transplanter, boom sprayers, agricultural drones, balers, grain dryers etc,.
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Subsidiaries of Thailand, India and Vietnam were established successively.
Intelligent agricultural machinery project was lauched.


Effcient of mechanized work is equivalent to the workload of 75-90 workers. Man-machine engineering is widely used in the production. World Group has been one of the top-notch combine harvester manufacturers.


Company achieves technological transformation successfully, machine's effciency is equivalent to the workload of 55-60 workers. It is called"Efficient Cleaning Expert" by customers.


Effciency and reliability of the machine is improved and its effciency is equivalent to the workload of 30-45 workers.


The combine harvesters replaced the labor and its effciency is equivalent to the workload of 15 or 20 workers


The beginning and improvement of combine harvesters.
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