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FMWORLD Cotton Picker - 4 Rows

It can pick cotton scattered on the ground.
It is lighter and the picking efficiency is higher.
Lower energy consumption and more environmentally friendly.
  • 4MZ-4


Picking   Head
4   independent picking heads.16&12 rows of seat tube structure
More   comfortable cockpit allows you to work all day without getting tired.
Integral   chassis frame,the main body adopts large cross-section and high-strength   profiles,with large bearing capacity.
Hydraulic system
Hydraulic   system is equipped
    with hydraulic pumps and motors.High-quality electro-hydraulic
    control valve block layout
Cutton   Box
Side   tilt lifting chain rake to unload cotton
Equipped with enhanced   self-made rear axle
Self-made   reinforced gearbox,with power shift fuction.Equipped with high-power fans
/ 4MZD-4   self-propelled cotton harvester
overall machine Structure type / self-propelled
Dimensions in working state (length x width x   height)   mm 8760×4460×4920
Overall dimensions in transportation state   (length x width x height) mm 8760×3600×4200
Overall machine quality kg 20000
Cab type / normal type
Brake of   system Brake type / disc type
engine Supporting   power rating kW 265
Supporting power rated speed r/min 2000
Pure working hour productivity hm² 1-1.2
Picking Head Part Number   of job lines 4
Cotton picking head structure type / Horizontal spindle   picking type
Quantity of mining head rollers / 4×2
Number of spindle picker tubes per drum 16 (front roller)/12   (rear roller)
Number of spindles on each spindle picker tube 20
Number of spindles per picking head 560
Number of doffing discs 4×40
Adapt to work spacing mm 760/900
Minimum boll height for picking mm 180
Fan   system Fan   type / centrifugal
Fan flow m³/h 9500
Wind pressure (full pressure) Pa 8643
Fan speed r/min 4160
Cutton   Box Cotton   box compaction auger quantity 2
Maximum volume of cotton storage box
Cotton unloading method / Side tilt lifting   chain rake to unload cotton
Tyre Front   wheel specifications / 520/70R38
Rear wheel specifications / 480/70R30
Front wheel track mm 2286
Rear wheel track mm 2245
Wheelbase mm 3940

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