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What is the operating point of Combine Harvester?

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Combine Harvesteris mainly used for combined harvesting of wheat crops, and can complete cutting, threshing, separation and cleaning operations at one time in the field. When it is used for segmented harvesting, a harvester is installed on the harvesting table, which can pick up the dried grain slivers and complete operations such as threshing, separation and cleaning.

  • How does a Combine Harvester work?

  • What is the operating point of Combine Harvester?

  • How to keep the Combine Harvester safe?


How does a Combine Harvester work?

The comb-type Combine Harvester adopts the pre-cut threshing harvesting process. Its working principle is to comb the grains growing on the stalks in the field directly and transport them to the re-separation and cleaning device for subsequent operations. The device cuts off the combed stalks and transports them to the side or back to lay them in strips. Therefore, it has its unique advantages: novel structure, low power consumption, high productivity, reliable operation, good wet-off performance, low total loss rate and small breakage rate, etc.

What is the operating point of Combine Harvester?

Driving in a straight line

When the Combine Harvester is operating, the driver and operator of the agricultural machine should operate the harvester to work in a straight line, so as to improve the operation efficiency and reduce the waste of rice during the operation of the harvester.

Forward speed

According to the growth, yield, dryness and wetness of the rice, and the dryness and hardness of the paddy field, control the forward speed of the harvester to make the harvester work at full load as much as possible to improve the operation efficiency. If the rice is growing well and the yield is high, the Combine Harvester can operate at a slower rate. If the paddy field is dry and hard, the work speed can be faster when harvesting.


How to keep the Combine Harvester safe?

1. Scrub the exterior of the Combine Harvester with water, and apply a small amount of lube with a rag after drying.

2. After the Combine Harvester is put into storage, lower the header and place it on the skid, jack up the drive wheel axle and the steering wheel axle and pad the skid well. The machine is placed smoothly and the tires are off the ground. Reduce the tire pressure to 1/3 of the standard air pressure.

3. Loosen the safety clutch spring and other springs.

4. During the storage period of the Combine Harvester, regularly rotate the crankshaft for 10 circles, and turn the hydraulic distribution valve 15-20 times per month at each working position. In order to prevent the working surface of the cylinder piston from rusting, the piston should be pushed to the bottom.

5. The engine and livestock battery shall be stored according to their respective technical storage regulations.


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