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What do you know about the use of Combine Harvester?

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When choosing a Combine Harvester, the area where the machine is used, what to harvest and the nature of the job are important factors to consider. In addition, buying a brand machine is also a wise choice. A good brand machine usually refers to such machines with good performance, reliable work and a good reputation in the market.


  • What are the handling precautions when using Combine Harvester?

  • What should I pay attention to after using Combine Harvester?

  • How to check the Combine Harvester after use?

What are the handling precautions when using Combine Harvester?

1. Combine Harvester always operates with a large throttle, and cannot reduce the throttle to reduce the forward speed. Because the smaller the throttle, the slower the movement of the working mechanisms of the harvesting and threshing part of the harvester, which can reduce the quality of work or even block the header or drum. Do not turn off the machine immediately after the high-throttle operation.

2. When the Combine Harvester is working, the control valve and gear shift can be used to change the speed.

3. The height of the header should be adjusted in time when the Combine Harvester crosses obstacles.

4. The Combine Harvester should keep the normal temperature specification, speed specification and load specification during use.


What should I pay attention to after using Combine Harvester?

Ensure the integrity of the combine by taking care of it when it is not in use.

①Remove dust and dirt, open all windows, covers, and shields of the Combine Harvester unit, and carefully remove grass clippings, broken straw, and oil stains from all parts of the unit to keep the unit clean.

②Remove the chain, clean the Combine Harvester with diesel oil, immerse it in engine oil for 20 minutes, wrap it in paper and store it separately; remove the tape, wash it, dry it, apply talcum powder, and keep it properly.

③ Replace the lubricating oil of each part of the Combine Harvester, and then turn it a few times without load.

④ Apply oil to prevent rust from working friction parts or paint stripping parts.


How to check the Combine Harvester after use?

1. Inspection of Combine Harvester threshing unit. Mainly, the gap between the concave plates of the drum speed should meet the requirements, the speed is high, and the gap is small, but it should not cause grain breakage and drum blockage.

2. The inspection of the Combine Harvester separation device and the cleaning device, the inspection of the scraper should be based on the flexible rotation of the crankshaft after tightening, and the axial flow drum separation device mainly depends on whether the rotation of the drum is light, flexible and reliable.

3. Combine Harvester other items to check. Whether there are cracks in the welding parts, whether all kinds of oil and water are clean and sufficient, whether the fasteners are firm, whether the movement of the rotating parts is flexible and reliable, whether the control device is flexible, accurate and reliable, especially the hydraulic control mechanism, which must be used accurately.

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