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What are the structural characteristics of agricultural tractor?

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Because these types of agricultural tractors are used to carry and mount many different types of tools, the chassis frame between the front and rear tires is extended. As a result, they are able to install tools including drills, sprayers, seeders, rotary sweepers, loaders and dust collectors. agricultural tractors come in many different sizes and designs, look around to make sure you get the right one.

What are the uses of agricultural tractors?

What are the important components of agricultural tractor?

What issues should be considered before purchasing an agricultural tractor?

What are the uses of agricultural tractors?

1. Row crop agricultural tractor

Farmers often plant crops continuously to control weed growth and reduce soil stress. Therefore, they use these tractors for tasks such as ploughing, leveling, harrowing, seed pulling and weeding. These tractors also ensure adequate row spacing, a comfortable ride, easy handling and higher ground clearance.

2. Implement transport agricultural tractor

The uses of this type of agricultural tractor mainly include carrying and installing different tools. Some tools are sprayers, drills, loaders, rotary sweepers, seeders, etc. Also, since they carry these extras, they have an extension between the front and rear tire chassis.

3. Two-wheel agricultural tractor

These lightweight and compact tractors can be used for tilling, tilling and towing small implements such as harvesters, trailers and more. One can use this tractor on small farms or gardens. Additionally, gasoline engines power these tractors.

4. Garden agricultural tractor

Garden agricultural tractors are great for mowing grass and making flower beds. They have small frame sizes and engine power from 1 HP to 20 HP. So, these are handy for those who do gardening.

What are the important components of agricultural tractor?


The pulley is an agricultural tractor used to drive fixed operation agricultural machinery, such as threshers, feed mills, irrigation and drainage machinery and power generation equipment. The determination of the rotation direction of the pulley should be based on the principle that the tight edge of the belt is on the lower side. The rear pulley with gearbox driven by the power take-off shaft is used more.

Hydraulic output point

With the growth of agricultural tractor power and the increasing number of large and complex supporting working tools, agricultural tractors should have more hydraulic output points and greater hydraulic output capacity. Due to the configuration of various hydraulically-operated work tools on industrial tractors, a necessary number of hydraulic output points and corresponding control mechanisms are generally provided.

What issues should be considered before purchasing an agricultural tractor?

1. Engine

The engine is the heart of an agricultural tractor, providing the energy needed to get the job done. The strength of an engine is measured in horsepower. More horsepower = more power. One of our helpful salespeople can help you determine the best engine size for your needs.

2. Transmission

Choosing your transmission type is a very important factor when purchasing an agricultural tractor. Branson tractors offer two transmission types: hydrostatic and shuttle. The hydrostatic (automatic) transmission allows you to keep one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the loader joystick, while also controlling forward and reverse movement with your feet. Like a self-driving car, as your speed increases, your engine adapts. The shuttle shift (standard) transmission allows you to select a transmission range and gear, then use the clutch to move the shuttle lever from neutral to forward or reverse. This type of transfer makes it easy to maintain a consistent speed.

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