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What Are The Product Features of Wheeled Harvester?

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Wheeled harvesters are generally lower cost, easy to move, and run fast on the road, which means lower round-trip costs. Wheeled harvester has a multi-purpose machine, which can combine wheat, rice, millet, sorghum, corn kernels, soybeans and other crops, with longer operation time, wider operation range and more profit.

  • What are the product features of wheeled harvester?

  • What are the general parameters of the wheeled harvester?

  • What does a wheeled harvester's cab look like?

What are the product features of wheeled harvester?

1. Wheeled harvester uses a high-horsepower engine with strong power and sufficient reserves;

2. The wheeled harvester improves and strengthens the power output components, and the transmission is reliable and of good quality;

3.Wheeled harvester widens the bridge (900mm), the feeding is smooth and not blocked, the operation speed is faster and the efficiency is higher;

4. The wheeled harvester adopts a 2680mm quick-change header, which is suitable for road traffic in rural villages, and is more convenient for replacement and maintenance;

5.Wheeled harvester adopts reinforced gearbox, enlarged clutch, and lengthened rotating arm, which is easy to operate and has strong bearing capacity;

6.Wheeled harvester widened double-layer ladder screen, stronger cleaning ability and better cleaning effect;

7.Wheeled harvester adopts automatic hydraulic high-level grain unloading cylinder, which is suitable for all kinds of grain transport vehicles, and unloads grain quickly and labor-saving;

8. The rear of the wheeled harvester is equipped with a reversing radar, which is convenient and safe to drive;

9. The wheeled harvester has a new type of integrally sealed cab, which has a wider field of vision, a clean and comfortable cockpit with low noise, and a front-mounted hydraulic joystick, which is more convenient to operate; the air conditioning interface is reserved.

What are the general parameters of the wheeled harvester?

Wheeled harvester's header is often equipped with a wheat header with a 3-meter working width, and an optional 3.25-meter header. The corn kernel header can be replaced during the corn harvesting season, and the corn kernels can be harvested in one step, which reduces the user's harvesting process, which is convenient and fast. The reel is equipped with an anti-winding device. Harvest adaptability.

What does a wheeled harvester's cab look like?

Wheeled harvester's cab, which uses the latest positive pressure cab, dust and gas. The so-called positive pressure cab means that the indoor pressure is higher than that of the outdoor, so that the outside dust and sundries are not easy to enter the room, the indoor is cleaner and the ventilation is better. The front windshield adopts a single large piece of tempered glass, the horizontal field of view exceeds 180 degrees, the upper headlight adopts six high-brightness, freely adjustable LDE work lights, fully meet the needs of night operations, and the 360-degree rotating full-coverage wiper effectively solves the problem. The problem of no brush hanging in the working field of view below is solved.

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