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How can we use the combine harvester?

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Combine harvesters can harvest more than 120,000 square meters of grain in one working day. For each operation across the field, a 5.5-metre wide bundle of grain is cut.


What should we pay attention to when using combine harvesters?

How do we clean the combine harvester regularly?

What is the operating code of the combine harvester?

What should we pay attention to when using combine harvesters?

1. The safety guard installed on the combine harvester is designed to protect the safety of the operator and associated personnel. Therefore, the machine cannot be disassembled during operation or work. If it has been disassembled during maintenance, the machine must be reinstalled before operation or work. Furnished. In addition, be sure to observe the requirements of the appropriate safety warning signs during operation of the machine to avoid accidents.

2. The combine harvester should be inspected, serviced and serviced regularly and timely. For example, check for lack of oil, lack of water, looseness, welds, unusual noises, etc. are available. If there is an anomaly, it should be supplemented, adjusted and repaired in time, and the machine should not work with illness, otherwise it will easily lead to major failures or damage.

3. In most cases, the design of the combine harvester and the parameters of the entire machine are designed to match each other and cannot be changed or modified arbitrarily. For example, an increase in the engine speed, an increase in the height of the grain tank, etc. not only does not guarantee the performance of the operation, but also accelerates the wear and damage of the machine.


How do we clean the combine harvester regularly?

Clean, inspect, tighten, adjust, lubricate, supplement and replace sensitive parts and other parts of the combine harvester regularly.

①Clean combine harvester, remove chaff, broken stalks and other attachments on the machine, lubricate all friction parts in time, clean outer chain and lubricate with oil.

②Check the technical condition of the engine, including whether oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature are normal, whether the engine noise and fuel consumption are normal, etc.

③ Inspection and adjustment of the harvesting table, including the speed and height of the reel, the cutting stroke and cutting gap, the gap between the screw and the floor surface, and whether the speed of the screw meets the requirements.


What is the operating code of the combine harvester?

Operation of the combine harvester to specification reduces downtime and increases profitability.

① Start the engine without load, clutch at low speed, pull the control valve to slow down the combine harvester, lower the combine harvester to normal stubble height, and increase the gas to harvest when the engine reaches the rated speed.

②The combine harvester will stop after running 50-100 meters to check the quality of the work and, if necessary, make necessary adjustments until the quality of the work meets the requirements, and then put into normal operation.

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