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Experience the perfect combination of power and precision with FMWORLD Wheel Excavators.


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Wheel Excavator

Discover the Ideal Wheel Excavator for Your Needs

FMWORLD offers a variety of wheel excavator models to suit different job site requirements, applications, and operator preferences.

Wheel Excavators

Our standard wheel excavators, featuring robust boom and arm designs and high digging forces, deliver exceptional versatility and productivity in various earthmoving applications.

Grapple Wheel Excavators

FMWORLD's grapple wheel excavators, equipped with powerful hydraulic grapples, offer precise control and high load capacities for material sorting, loading, and handling tasks.

Experience the FMWORLD Advantage in Earthmoving and Material Handling

FMWORLD's wheel excavators are engineered to deliver superior performance, versatility, and reliability in various applications.

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FMWORLD's Commitment to Sustainable Agriculture

FMWORLD's wheel excavators feature fuel-efficient engines and low-emission technologies, reducing your environmental footprint while boosting productivity.

Elevate Your Farming Efficiency with FMWORLD Wheel Excavators


Discover our range of high-performance wheel excavators designed to optimize your farming operations.


FAQs About the FMWORLD Wheel Excavators

Find answers to common questions about our wheel excavators, from technical specifications to maintenance and operation tips.
  • Q What maintenance and support services does FMWORLD offer for wheel excavators?

    A FMWORLD offers a range of maintenance and support services to keep your wheel excavator running at peak performance. These include regular maintenance plans, on-site service, spare parts support, and remote diagnostic tools. Our experienced technicians are available to provide expert advice and assistance whenever you need it.
  • Q What safety features are included in FMWORLD's wheel excavators?

    A FMWORLD prioritizes operator safety in the design of our wheel excavators. Our machines include features such as ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure) and FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure) cabs, advanced visibility systems, rearview cameras, and emergency stop buttons. We also provide comprehensive operator training and safety guidelines.
  • Q How does FMWORLD ensure fuel efficiency in their wheel excavators?

    A Our wheel excavators incorporate advanced engine technology and fuel management systems to optimize fuel consumption. Features like auto-idle, eco-mode, and load-sensing hydraulics help to reduce fuel waste and improve overall efficiency, lowering your operating costs.
  • Q What attachment options are available for FMWORLD's wheel excavators?

    A FMWORLD offers a wide range of attachments to enhance the versatility of our wheel excavators. These include buckets, grapples, hammers, thumbs, and quick couplers. Our machines are designed to accommodate various attachments, allowing you to adapt to different job requirements easily.
  • Q What are the main advantages of using a wheel excavator over a tracked excavator?

    A Wheel excavators offer several advantages, including faster travel speeds, better mobility on paved surfaces, and easier transportation between job sites. They also cause less damage to finished surfaces and are ideal for urban environments and road projects.

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