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What Are The Advantages of Sugarcane Harvester?

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If you are a farmer whose main crops are sugar cane, harvesting sugar cane is really tiring for you. If you are looking for something that will save you from heavy work, then sugarcane harvester is perfect for you. Here's everything you need to know.

  • What are the advantages of sugarcane harvester?

  • What are the product features of the small sugarcane harvester?

  • What are the tips for using sugarcane harvester?

What are the advantages of sugarcane harvester?

1. Labor saving

Large scale sugarcane harvesting usually requires a large number of skilled workers, but if you have sugarcane harvester, you hardly need anyone except those who know how to operate the sugarcane harvester. This can be very useful in times of crisis like covid-19, when marginal labour is difficult to obtain.

2. Cost saving

sugarcane harvester only needs one-time investment and regular maintenance. Since you don't need any marginal labor, this means that you don't have to pay for it, which saves you the money you may need to pay to the marginal labor.

3. Save time

Using sugarcane harvester to harvest sugarcane crops takes much less time than you or labor, and improves the efficiency of your farm. There are different types of harvesters, some are combine harvesters that do not need to be connected to the tractor, while others are used as tractor tools.

What are the product features of the small sugarcane harvester?

1. The sugarcane harvester can neatly harvest and lay sugarcane in various natural states, such as fallen sugarcane.

2. The sugarcane harvester adopts advanced hydraulic control system, so that the machine can be adjusted according to different site conditions.

3. The sugarcane harvester is small in size and light in weight, making the machine more flexible on the field.

4. The knife of the sugarcane harvester can cut the soil layer with a depth of 20-30mm, and the damage rate is lower.

5. sugarcane harvester has low fuel consumption. The fuel consumption of this machine is less than 0.1 5kg/hour.

What are the tips for using sugarcane harvester?

The sugarcane combine harvester is suitable for harvesting large quantities of sugarcane, and is more suitable for plain ground. The mini harvester is more flexible in harvesting sugarcane and can adapt to different land forms such as mountains, hills, soft sugarcane fields, etc.

Second, the products harvested in sections by the sugarcane harvester must be processed rapidly. Sugar cane begins to lose sugar when it is cut, so if you are harvesting cane in sections, process the cane as soon as possible. However, it also has benefits as it allows for faster and more efficient harvesting of sugar cane.

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