FMWORLD's Rice Transplanters: Precision and Reliability

We offer a diverse selection of mechanical transplanters and custom rice planting machines to suit your unique needs.


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Choose Your Ideal Rice Transplanter

FMWORLD offers two main types of rice transplanters to cater to different farming needs and preferences: walking type and riding type rice transplanters.

Walking Type Rice Transplanters: Compact and Efficient

In compact paddy fields, our walking rice transplanters offer user-friendly operation and high planting precision, enhancing productivity with reduced labor and maintenance expenses.

Riding Type Rice Transplanters: Comfort and Performance

The riding rice transplanter is ideal for large-scale farming, offering high efficiency and comfort with advanced features for precise planting and reduced operator fatigue.

Why FMWORLD is Your Trusted Partner for Rice Transplanters

When you choose FMWORLD's rice transplanters, you're choosing a reliable partner for your agricultural needs.

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Balancing Productivity and Sustainability with FMWORLD

FMWORLD’s focus on innovation, quality, and customer achievements has received multiple honors from renowned agricultural organizations. Explore the awards that highlight FMWORLD’s superiority over its rivals.

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FMWORLD’s rice transplanters offer reliability, efficiency, and scalability to propel your business growth.


FAQs About FMWORLD's Rice Transplanters

Find answers to common questions about our mechanical transplanters, from technical specifications to maintenance and troubleshooting.

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