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What is the function of the rice seeder?

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When the rice seeder is operating, the seeding wheel is driven by the walking wheel to rotate, and the seeds from the seed box are discharged into the seeding pipe according to the required seeding amount and fall into the opened groove through the opener and then are covered by soil. The compaction device compacts the seed cover.

What is the daily maintenance of the rice seeder?

1. Before each rice seeder works, check whether the seed cleaning knife is in the groove of the seeding wheel;

2. Check the chain and sprocket of the rice seeder in time and inject lubricating oil regularly;

3. The battery of the rice seeder should be charged once a day during operation, and the charging time should not be less than 8 hours each time; during the non-operation period, it should be charged once a month to improve the battery's service life.

4. After the sowing period of the rice seeder, do not place the seeder in a humid place; ensure that the machine is dry and the storage temperature is greater than 5 degrees;

5. Prevent intense light from directly irradiating the rice seeder and avoid aging the machine's plastic parts.

What are the technical advantages of rice seeders?

The most important thing about the rice seeder is the whole process of automation; there is no need for manual work, and the hands are completely released. This rice seeder is a multi-functional precision seeder that can grow rice and vegetables.

The rice seeder has a high technical content and automation level and is at an advanced level. Rice seeder has superior performance and cost ratio in product quality level, reasonable structure, small floor space, complete functions, low operating cost, and long service life compared with other production technologies. This technology can ensure high stability of product quality, improve resource utilization rate, save energy, and reduce consumption.

What are the precautions for using rice seeders?

1. Before using the rice seeder, check whether there are any defects in the seed metering parts, whether there are foreign objects in the seed metering box, and oil the parts that need to be filled with oil;

2. The rice seeder should prepare enough vulnerable mechanical parts before sowing in spring so as not to delay the sowing and the farming time. The seeds must be dry and clean and not contain debris such as straws and stones so as not to block the seed outlet and affect the sowing quality. When precision sowing, the seeds should be strictly selected; otherwise, the sowing quality will be affected.

3. Do an excellent job of the single-port flow test of the rice seeder to ensure that the seeding amount is accurate.

FMWorld Agricultural Machinery has been a Chinese pioneer in rice seeding for several years. They can provide any rice seeders you need. At the same time, their after-sales service is also very considerate.

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