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There is no love in disaster, but WORLD has love in humans heart

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June 23,2016,at about 15:00 pm,in Funing and Sheyang Town, etc, Yancheng City, Jiangsu province, there was appearing severse weather,such as strong lightning,heavy rainfall,hail , thunderstorm and strong wind.Local area was hit by a tornado and the condition of disaster was serious.A lot of houses of local civilians were destroyed unmercifully.What’s more,many users of World Agriculture Machinery suffered heavy losses,not only their houses but also machines.


When our leaders knew the news,they issued a call for giving aid to disaster areas and caring users of WORLD and repairing demaged machine of users for free.Mo Mingzhu, the head of department ,as a represtentative,expressed sympathy and solicitude for users on scene.Besides,our leaders sent rice and quilt to the people who are in need.In addition,general manager Tao Wanjin,local dealer,encouraged people to forget sadness and rebuild homes.Last but not least,we examined the situation of damaged machines,and sent these accessories to Funing,Sheyang station at once.Our servers willed repair these machines for free.


There is no love in disaster,but WORLD has love in humans heart. These staffs of WORLD interpret the social responsibility with practical action.WORLD thinks for the users and put them first from beginning to end.We believed that people of Funing and Sheyang would overcome disaster and reconstruct their homes with the support of the whole nation.Yancheng,come on;China, come on.




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