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Rounder Baler

  • FM world



1.Adopt eccentric pickup and utilize hydraulic control to work up and down. Use 4 rows of 64 tines with more affecinecy.

2.Adopt chain transmission for better performance, all the chains are made of improted material and auto lubricaton to ensure transmission effect and life of chain.

3.All bearings are centralized lubrication, easy for maintenance and operation centralized lubrication valve block uses reliable spherical seal technology for better effect.

4.Pickup width reaches 2. 1 meters, and equipped with double guide tyres for better performance in the field.

5.The pickup feeding roller adopts advance screw structure with more fluency and uniformity

6The diameter of baler chamber reaches 1. 3 meters, and width is 1.2 meters, volume reaches 1. 6m meanwhile uses 16 reinforced rollers for baler more solid

  • FM World
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