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FMWORLD 5H Series Grain Dryer and Grain Dryer Team

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FMWORLD Agricultural Machinery Grain Dryers Team is consist of 45 professional engineers and leading by Mr. Wu who has over 15 years experience in this section. FMWORLD Agricultural Machinery Grain Dryers Team can handle the whole process from the design, manufacture and installation of your own grain dryer equipment. By working closely with our customers in China and rich experience in exporting globally. Our team is able to offer innovative and practical solutions to any project in globally.

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Advantages of FMWORLD Grain Dryers

FMWORLD grain dryers could be installed and relocated easily by the portable design.


We have solutions in existing we can also add extra conveyors, elevators and grain tanks for specific demands of our clients.


FMWORLD grain dryer is an ideal drying equipment for drying a variety of grain which mainly include rice, wheat, millet soybean and corn.

By the working condition of grain dryers, FMWORLD grain dryers made by special materials which have high hardness and wear resistance. The core parts of our grain dryers are choosing big brands in the world to make sure our quality is first-class.


FMWORLD grain dryers can equip most types of power sources from fuel, diesel or electricity. Biomass is provided as a power source which is renewable, clean and low-cost.


FMWORLD grain dryer uses new control panel. It contains speed control, moisture meter and temperature control.


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